Tuesday, 14 August 2012

After Abitibi, and wraping up my 2012 season

I have now been back home in Victoria for a solid couple weeks and thought it would be a good idea to churn out a long time coming blog post. Getting back into the routine of working, riding, and training ha been a nice change from the amount of racing and travelling I have done lately. With that being said, I wish that my legs would tire a bit slower so that racing could be spread out over a longer period of time haha.

Abitibi lived up to it's reputation as being a fast, sketchy, bike wrecking junior race. Over the course of the 6 days, there must have been at least 20 seperate crashing incidents. Some of the more serious one involved riders losing parts of their faces of the pavement. For many, goals and aspirations were suddenly put on hold.

The American Nationals team were by far the most dominant team with all of their guys in the top 6. They rode the front all day almost every day covering moves and making moves of their own. The majority of their riders had spent time raing in europe earlier this year at around the same time the CCA had sent us over.

I've done a bit of racing on the Commonwealth Legacy Velodrome at Trackfest last week, racking up some good experience. I loved the match sprinting. Transferring match sprinting skills over to the road can allow me to visualize the last 3 km of a road race much differently. I hope to be able to put that to my advantage.

Sidney TT's and pb in the rain and thunder.

The TT I rode last week proved to be an interesting one. As I have been away for the majority of the past few months i have only raced that course once before this season in preparation for nationals. I rode out to the course from my house and made sure  i got in a decent but not too formal warmup. Breathing was good, tempo was good, and in the end, I got a personal best. About 10 people decided not to do it because of the inclement weather. The corners were slow and the roads slick, but the legs felt better than they have in months!

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